As mentioned in the title, Government of Catalonia offers to guarantee 75% of loans to SMEs for those who are indebted and require this for debts.

The companies do not cease to complain about the difficulties they encounter when banks and banks lend them money to work and, in the case of those that are not figured by the crisis, to be able to invest. Small and medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs ) are those that most accuse the credit drought in recent times.

This is done in order not to give arguments to the distrust of the banking and restless for the punishment of the crisis to the competitiveness of the Catalan companies, the Government of Catalonia has inaugurated this year a line of credits for the SMEs that start up a program to be more competitive and requiring between 200,000 euros and three million. The particularity of this new line is that Industry will guarantee up to 75% of the credit, according to sources from the Administration. Companies must present a competitiveness plan that can go to your bank or your cashier, who will be the ones who will give the credit for them. The intervention of the Government of Catalonia will not be over 100% of the amount of the credit, but over 80%.

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Thus, if a company wants to invest one million euros, the Government of Catalonia will help up to 800,000 and will give a guarantee corresponding to 75% of those 800,000. What is it that can be accessed? For this initiative of the guarantees, the already shielded budget amounts to 50 million euros, of a total line for SMEs of 75 million.

The fact that the Government of Catalonia is the one that endorses credits is a practice that the tripartite had cut to the roots to avoid what happened with credits from the Institute of Finance because in case of default or bankruptcy of the company, as it happened with some companies under governments, it is the public coffers that support that slab. Today it is understood that the delicate situation that the industry is going through as a result of the crisis deserves the effort.

Another initiative in this same line is the implementation of a plan to renew equipment and machinery of industrial companies. This part does not speak of credits, but directly of subsidies: when a company replaces its old machinery to be more productive, the Government of Catalonia will pay 20% in the case of SMEs and 10% in the companies of higher dimension. Important: A ‘renove plan’ has also been implemented that will allow replacing the machinery of the industries for those who carry out this type of work activities and have machinery that is not very advanced technologically, so that they can access some better ones in order to grow.